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Message from the CEO

Inoplaztechstarted its corporate business on November 12th,
2018 with approximately one-year preparation after completing the second batch
of the Technology Commercialization Academy of UNIST. As the first researching startup of UNIST,
it has been in the business incubator of UNIST since May 2019.

Inoplaztech developed a new high-efficiency plasma surface treatment for nano-sized powder
used as core additives for cutting-edge lightweighting and multi-functional composite
materials/components to commercialize various types of materials and equipment by
utilizing the treatment.

Inoplaztech is named from “Innovation + Plasma + Technology”.
Our main goal is to change this world a better place to live by growing and developing
related industries from the innovative plasma technology. We aim to make employees want to
work longer without leaving rather than join the company by rewarding properly for their efforts.

CEO. Deuk Yeon, Lee
Innovation, Plasma, Technology.