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  • Apr.

    Grand prize from the Technology Innovation Competition hosted by Hyundai Heavy Industry and supervised by Ulsan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation

  • May.

    Completed 1st batch of SKC Startup Plus

  • Aug.

    Participated in Hardware innovation startup Guide

  • Nov.

    Started corporate business (as a researcher and CEO)

    Participated in Public-Private Cooperation Open Startup Campus

  • Feb.

    elected as a company to incubate and the third batch of U-Star of Ulsan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation

  • Apr.

    Certified as T-5 by Tech Credit Bureau

  • May.

    Established a research institute

  • Jun.

    Selected as the first batch of IBK Busan Changgong

    Chosen for Early Stage Startup Package

    Chosen for UNIST Technology Startup Support Project

    Certified as a Venture business

  • Sep.

    Selected as the sixth batch of Startup Nest by Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

  • Oct.

    Attracted investment from Sunbo Angel Partners

    Chosen as the First Penguin Company of Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

  • Nov.

    Attracted investment from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund

  • May.

    Chosen as the third batch of SKC Startup Plus

  • Jun.

    Chosen for Pre-TIPS